My Writer in Motion Experience

Writer in Motion August 2020 chose me to work with an editor. It’s a 30 day short story revision activity. I decided to participate for a break from the beast, or as I normally refer to it, SOULCHASER. Writing and editing something that’s only 1000 words will be pleasant breather. Plus, I need to get better at endings and beginnings.

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  • Setting Reading Goals
    Tips to improve your writing always tell you to read more. It’s absolutely true. Find out how I am setting goals for reading more.
  • Writer in Motion Week 5: Wrapping up Unicorn Tracks
    Writer in Motion was a chance to workshop along with writers of many levels and backgrounds. this is my wrap up post.
  • Orrish Rib Recipe
    As requested by S.M. Roffey I am posting up the recipe for ribs I am teaching my mother-in-law. I was considering skipping the back story that I actually despise when I am looking for recipes, but I decided […]
  • Writer in Motion Week 4: Polished
    Unicorn Tracks Unicorn Tracks Cambriea crushed a sweet raspberry against the roof of her mouth as she stalked the woods, foraging along the ground and bushes. Berries were abundant, along with hazelnuts and mushrooms. What she couldn’t find […]
  • Writer in Motion Week 4: Final Draft
    This week was much quieter here in the Rose Household. After last week’s work on the story, all I had to do was post and email a word doc to an editor. I’ve worked with Jeni Chappelle before […]
My writer in Motion Experience 2020