My Writer in Motion Experience

Writer in Motion August 2020 chose me to work with an editor. Its a 30 day short story revision activity. I decided to participate because I needed a break from the beast, or as I normally refer to it, SOULCHASER. Writing and editing something that’s only 1000 words will be a break, plus, I need to get better at endings and beginnings.

Follow along here to see what Writer in Motion is like for me!

  • Writer In Motion: Week One
    To skip to the first draft click here Sunday, August 2, 2020 My night wasn’t great, so I’m dragging a little today. I am exhausted, but it’s like I have a squirrel in my head.  This new character
  • Writer In Motion: First Draft
    Don’t forget this is a raw first draft. I know there are a ton of mistakes and it doesn’t flow at all. the point of this is to share the full process, even the ugly bits. ❤️🦄 Erika
  • Writer In Motion: Week 0
    The Writer in Motion Prompt and my First Impressions The Writer in Motion 2020 prompt just dropped, and I have been thinking about it for about an hour. I’ve only done a few visual prompts, so this is a
  • WRITER IN MOTION short fiction experience
    Although Writer in Motion is for short fiction and I write epic fantasy, I decided to do it. I decided to do it. Maybe its a bad idea? I struggle to finish things. So I add a new
My writer in Motion Experience 2020
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