My Writer in Motion Experience

Writer in Motion August 2020 chose me to work with an editor. It’s a 30 day short story revision activity. I decided to participate for a break from the beast, or as I normally refer to it, SOULCHASER. Writing and editing something that’s only 1000 words will be pleasant breather. Plus, I need to get better at endings and beginnings.

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  • Reading like a writer
    One would think I already have reading like a writer down. I was an English Literature major after all. But that was over 20 years ago. After graduation I swore I would never read books to dissect them […]
  • Word count for non-writers
    Writers talk about manuscript length in word count because it is a common unit across all formats. I never really had an answer for how long my book is when a non writer asked.
  • Create a writing ritual to invite inspiration
    How do you create the sacred space you need in the smaller chunks you need? Creating a writing ritual will make what ever time you have more special and possibly more productive. A writing ritual is like inviting your muse on a romantic date instead of sitting in your cluttered mud room with day-old coffee.
  • Setting Reading Goals
    Tips to improve your writing always tell you to read more. It’s absolutely true. Find out how I am setting goals for reading more.
  • Writer in Motion Week 5: Wrapping up Unicorn Tracks
    Writer in Motion was a chance to workshop along with writers of many levels and backgrounds. this is my wrap up post.
My writer in Motion Experience 2020