Writers’ Night In Chat

I started up a new Friday night  Twitter chat! #wrtrsntn Tweet #wrtrsntn This is an open chat with a few quotes.  Last week I shared quotes on writers’ loneliness. we also chatted about problems with going low tech while camping.  There were some funny stories and some sound advice. The

N​ew book from Jewel!

Book Two of The Witches Rede, by Jewel Leonard, is available for preorder! Are you squealing?  You should be!  I had the chance to read an advance copy and really enjoyed it. I was not asked or paid to write this review. This post contains affiliate links. If you enjoy

#wrtrcorns care package

Are you feeling Meh about your writing or your life in general?  Do you want people to just talk about writing with?  No not craft or critique groups.  I mean the life of writing, your ideas, your feelings about scenes you wrote?  I felt like that. A few months back

Find your Tribe

What is a tribe? Simply put it is a group of like-minded people who support and cherish one another.    Years ago that would be your neighbors,  friends, and family.  Now that has changed.  often we feel we have little in common with the people we live near or grew up with.

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