Who am I?

I don’t have an interview today. Not for lack of trying, I just didn’t get any back yet. I will answer questions you leave in the comments. Ask me things about stuff. As long as I wouldn’t mind my mom reading it I will answer.

Write where you are-Tiberius Engle

I met Tiberius, you guessed it, on Twitter. If you are not there, you are missing out. We were discussing proper ways to get your favorite author to fix stories and how we personally wanted to be “persuaded”.

RR Willica

We absolutely bonded over our love of video games. Games like Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft have offered her inspiration. She is a bit shy, but is relatively chatty about fantasy stories and writing advice. Her blog has some awesome information about editing and dialogue.

On her bio page she has an obsevation I needed to read.

Danelle Lejeune Farmer, Beekeeper, and Photographer

Danelle and I met in fifth grade. We had Mrs Hewkin back in Kankakee. We practiced curse words together on the playground. We were even friends with Kalisha Buchannon in junior high school. Danelle is a poet,  photographer, professor, farmer,and mother. I have watched her adventures and become inspired. Her

Bridgett, Serial Novelist

Bridgett is an author I found on Twitter. We got to talking about some things that were weighing on me.  She is sharing her writing in serial form.  (The first chapter of her novel is intriguing).   “Not everyone will be a fan, but if I put it out there for

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