Fillers, Filters, and Crutches

Filler, filter, and crutch words like adverbs weaken your writing with vague ideas.  They are the difference between building an exciting world that holds a reader’s attention or leaving a vague and passive impression.

Inspiration: Polyvore

Do you think about your story all the time?  Even when you are doing the mundane tasks of caring for your family?  Washing dishes, doing laundry? I think about mine all the time.  Over a long 5 day weekend filled with a cranky sick family I daydreamed of what my main

Another change in direction 

As you may have noticed I have been pretty quiet.  We are still alive!  I have just been preoccupied since April.   I wrote a book.   When I finished, I wrote a second book. Right now I am going through the revision process.  It is brutal.  I changed two

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