My Notebooks

Keep reading to find some my free to read shorts. Especially UNICORN TRACKS, my Writer in Motion 2020 project. My growth as a writer between 2016 and now is really noticeable. (You can’t possibly understand how hard it is to NOT edit these.) If you want to read more about any of the characters, leave stars, comments, and questions about their stories. It shows me what people want more of.

  • Writer in Motion Week 4: Polished
    Unicorn Tracks Unicorn Tracks Cambriea crushed a sweet raspberry against the roof of her mouth as she stalked the woods, foraging along the ground and bushes. Berries were abundant, along with hazelnuts and mushrooms. What she couldn’t find was animal tracks. She needed to hunt, but the forest was still today. The wind lacked its… Read more: Writer in Motion Week 4: Polished
  • Writer In Motion: First Draft
    Don’t forget this is a raw first draft. I know there are a ton of mistakes and it doesn’t flow at all. the point of this is to share the full process, even the ugly bits. ❤️🦄 Erika Yunequine: Cambriea After two days around people, the forests silence almost swallowed her. But she needed time… Read more: Writer In Motion: First Draft
  • Longest Day Celebration in Hopetide
    There is no wrong way to build a fantasy or sci-fi world. This is just what works for me. What kind of world building do you do? 
  • New Year’s Eve in Hopetide
    I use these narratives to work out the cultures and their lore. A different form of government might serve Ublynis better. A group of merchants formed The Kingdom of Ublynis. They wanted to live somewhere that would have laws conducive to business. The new year marks the start of the business year, a chance to… Read more: New Year’s Eve in Hopetide
  • The Orrish Longest Night Celebration
    The winter solstice is the astrological start of winter.  Many cultures have associated their feast days with the turning of the seasons, and on the world of Aetara, it is no different.  Different races and cultures celebrate the coming of winter differently.  Here, Spinecrusher tells you the origins of the Orrish Longest Night Celebration. As… Read more: The Orrish Longest Night Celebration
  • August 12-13 writing prompt
      Here’s another challenge for you fellow writers!! This #POVprompt brings your main character another problem. #writingprompt #flashfiction — Lexi Lefevre (@LexiIsAWriter) August 12, 2017  This weekend I worked on this prompt as an exercise to “fix” Spinecrusher’s POV.  Normally these prompts are fun and I can whip some thing out in a few… Read more: August 12-13 writing prompt
  • Writing prompt: The sky was aflame
    Is this a beautiful sunset? Is it a natural or magical disaster? Should we run away or is this a chance for a romantic moment?
  • Prompt: the old mill ruin
    Need a little nudge to get started on a chapter?  Sometimes the only way for me to move the story forward to write other things that I have no intention of including.   Sometimes it things end up in the backstory.  Other times, I toss it on the junk pile so if its needed later I… Read more: Prompt: the old mill ruin
  • Turning on the faucet
    Revision might not  actually count as writing, but it is part of the process.  It requires creativity.  It’s painful.     Last night I sat playing on Facebook, Twitter, and stupid farm game instead of working on my revision. I had a touch of stomach and my family was avoiding me.  I had time to work,… Read more: Turning on the faucet
  • I was feeling chatty today
    I was feeling chatty today and found this guy on Twitter.  We talked about all kinds of stuff:  kids games and writing.  He has some fun comics up on his web page.  Check it out!