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The winter solstice is the astrological start of winter.  Many cultures have associated their feast days with the turning of the seasons, and on the world of Aetara, it is no different.  Different races and cultures celebrate the coming of winter differently.  Here, Spinecrusher tells you the origins of the […]

The Orrish Longest Night Celebration

November holds a very dear place in my heart not just because of National Banana Pudding Lovers Month or National Fun with Fondue Month. It’s not even because of NaNoWriMo. Clue: I am totally self-centered and the sun rises for me. My birthday is this month! It’s actually National Kindness Day! […]

November raffle

Have you ever made a huge commitment to yourself?  the kind that requires discipline, perseverance, and flexibility?  I’m not quite talking  getting a puppy.  I am talking about shaping a habit.  A beautifully creative habit.  October was Inktober and  there was so much mazing artwork that it inspired me to […]

NaNoWriMo 2017 Countdown

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway!  The winner is SOFIA Q  Don’t be too sad about not winning this awesome gift box.  There will be another give away in November!  

And the winner is…

I keep seeing a lot of writers posting things like this:   And I have something to say about it.   Just stop.  I get it, you make more off a hard copy of a book.  It keeps brick and mortar stores in business (there are no locally own stores in […]

Real Books

I’m currently in a bit of a slump with my first story, Soulchaser.  A lot of the advice out there for getting over writer’s block suggests doing other creative things.  At first, I thought, this is stupid,” but then decided that I obviously am not the expert on getting past a […]

Creative Writing