Don’t forget this is a raw first draft. I know there are a ton of mistakes and it doesn’t flow at all. the point of this is to share the full process, even the ugly bits. ❤️🦄 Erika Yunequine: Cambriea After two days around people, the forests silence almost swallowed […]

Writer In Motion: First Draft

a mountain range with a camper
The Writer in Motion Prompt and my First Impressions The Writer in Motion 2020 prompt just dropped, and I have been thinking about it for about an hour. I’ve only done a few visual prompts, so this is a new experience. My first thought was, “A mountain range and a camper.”Right […]

Writer In Motion: Week 0

Although Writer in Motion is for short fiction and I write epic fantasy, I decided to do it. I decided to do it. Maybe its a bad idea? I struggle to finish things. So I add a new commitment to the pile. I actually considered that and compared this to […]

WRITER IN MOTION short fiction experience

You might have heard of flash fiction and might not know what it is or understand its usefulness compared to short stories. Micro-mini-stories are a way to express ideas in tiny spaces, 1000 words or fewer. Less space on the page forces the writer to keep prose tight and dialogue […]

My first Flash fiction

Since this month is all about love, Lets talk about what we like, starting with blogs. Author blogs offer a look into the life and times of a writer.

My Favorite Blogs

Twitter in host to some great communities for writers. There are tight knit support circles there from both indie and traditionally published authors. My absolute favorite thing about Writer Twitter is hashtag games. For a list of the chats and games on Writer Twitter, follow @writeevent and visit My best advice is […]

Hashing out Hashtag Games