or make this suitable for the eyes of othersTo skip to the draft click here. Saturday August 8, 2020 To share my process, I thought it would take several posts, but I will show each layer in a linked post in case you want to see the changes. I also […]

Writer in Motion Week 2: Self edits

As Cambriea walked through the woods, she searched the ground and bushes for plants to forage. Berries were abundant, along with hazelnuts and mushrooms. What she wasn't seeing was animal tracks.

Writer in Motion: Self-edited draft

rip and tear edition Trying to figure out what I’m doing. this is layer one. Rip off the unstable stuff. It’s not bad–this just isn’t the spot for it. It’s too long, at around 1800 words. just skim though to see how much got the axe. Days later she went […]

Writer in Motion Self-edits in progress

To skip to the first draft click here Sunday, August 2, 2020 My night wasn’t great, so I’m dragging a little today. I am exhausted, but it’s like I have a squirrel in my head.  This new character has way more energy than most of my other ones. She doesn’t […]

Writer In Motion: Week One

Don’t forget this is a raw first draft. I know there are a ton of mistakes and it doesn’t flow at all. the point of this is to share the full process, even the ugly bits. ❤️🦄 Erika Yunequine: Cambriea After two days around people, the forests silence almost swallowed […]

Writer In Motion: First Draft

a mountain range with a camper
The Writer in Motion Prompt and my First Impressions The Writer in Motion 2020 prompt just dropped, and I have been thinking about it for about an hour. I’ve only done a few visual prompts, so this is a new experience. My first thought was, “A mountain range and a camper.”Right […]

Writer In Motion: Week 0