feminine hands on a keyboard, beginning her writing ritual
How do you create the sacred space you need in the smaller chunks you need? Creating a writing ritual will make what ever time you have more special and possibly more productive. A writing ritual is like inviting your muse on a romantic date instead of sitting in your cluttered mud room with day-old coffee.

Create a writing ritual to invite inspiration

Tips to improve your writing always tell you to read more. It's absolutely true. Find out how I am setting goals for reading more.

Setting Reading Goals

fries and steak on white ceramic plate
As requested by S.M. Roffey I am posting up the recipe for ribs I am teaching my mother-in-law. I was considering skipping the back story that I actually despise when I am looking for recipes, but I decided to tell you a little bout the Orrish (Orcs in the world […]

Orrish Rib Recipe

This week was much quieter here in the Rose Household. After last week’s work on the story, all I had to do was post and email a word doc to an editor. I’ve worked with Jeni Chappelle before and enjoy learning about the industry and editing tips from her. My […]

Writer in Motion Week 4: Final Draft

Unicorn Tracks Unicorn Tracks Cambriea crushed a sweet raspberry against the roof of her mouth as she stalked the woods, foraging along the ground and bushes. Berries were abundant, along with hazelnuts and mushrooms. What she couldn’t find was animal tracks. She needed to hunt, but the forest was still […]

Writer in Motion Week 4: Polished