With the age of smartphones came the ability to document every moment of our lives.  I buy into this completely.  I take pictures of everything, mostly a lot selfies.  I’m pretty vain, but I have a lot of friends that live far away.  We like seeing each other’s faces.  not only that, I want people to see my moods.  You don’t have to be happy all the time.  Depression is more common than people realize.

Depression is more common than people realize.  Being comfortable sharing how you feel and accepting the support of other’s can really help dealing with anxiety and depression.  Take a look at this infographic.


  • Going to a little weekend retreat. Will o see you there? #amwriting #amwritingfantasy #amwritingromance #writersretreat #chicagoland
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  • Something is not right about this. Looks at the time. *hint: look at the time.*
  • Had a bit of a set back on this past weekend. Got back on track though. ‪#shrinkerikafrose‬
  • The lake house
  • 30 seconds of fire pit. @s_kilz @jenny.roseleistra
  • Family get together @s_kilz
  • Pretty excited about the forecast for this weekend. I didn’t want to swim anyway, lol.
  • #‪shrinkerikafrose‬ week 2. I am not hungry but I am not eating enough. #thanksmom she will know why.
  • July
  • It’s always easiest in the beginning. #weightlossjourney #weightloss #noom
  • Yup back to this. At the very least I will know what keeps making me sick.
  • Have you started #thewitchesrede series yet? #amreading #reading #bookstagram
  • Look what I found!!!!! @phebeyawson what did you do?! It showed up this morning!!!
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  • There may have been a trip to @michaelsstores yesterday. Also got soft pastels and clay.
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  • Wandering
  • Waiting for Tagg. Treb is doing grown up stuff with me. #parenting #preteens #homework #readingtime📖