#FantasyWIPalooza was created by Moss_Whelan, and is cohosted with OracularBeard and erikafrose, to give people an additional daily hashtag  to brainstorm worldbuilding ideas and connect with other SFF writers.



May 2019

Would you say you have a fertile imagination?

What’s a real-world symbol of fertility you’ve used?

What would your protagonist think of Earth mating rituals?

Is there animal husbandry in your world?

Should Fantasy have cross-species relationships?

Do you write about displays of virility?

Are any of your characters concerned with nest building?

What would you expect to find in a giant nest?

Do your characters adorn themselves to attract mates?

10 Is your Fantasy world concerned about fish populations?

11 Is it possible for merpeople to exist in your world?

12 How is your MC like a fish out of water?

13 Are your characters like worker bees to your queen bee?

14 How is marketing a Fantasy book like bees pollinating flowers?

15 What Fantasy royal jelly will turn you into a queen bee?

16 What was your MC like as a child?

17 What Fantasy stories celebrate childhood?

18 How is your WIP a brainchild?

19 What mating rituals have informed those in your WIP?

20 Do hatched Fantasy characters present problems?

21 How would your MC deal with parenthood?

22 Have you created a mating ritual a monster species?

23 Why are monsters often a threat to family in Fantasy?

24 Do any monsters in your WIP that have children?

25 What is your favorite variety of undead?

26 Where did your world’s undead come from? poison, infection, or curse?

27 Would your MC make a better werewolf, zombie, or a vampire?

28 What do you think of deities wooing & mating with mortals?

29 What sort of limitations should be put on demigods?

30 Would you ever put a virgin birth in your Fantasy world?

31 Does your world have a personification or deity of fertility?