Writers’ Night In Chat

I started up a new Friday night  Twitter chat! #wrtrsntn Tweet #wrtrsntn This is an open chat with a few quotes.  Last week I shared quotes on writers’ loneliness. we also chatted about problems with going low tech while camping.  There were some funny stories and some sound advice. The

November raffle

November holds a very dear place in my heart not just because of National Banana Pudding Lovers Month or National Fun with Fondue Month. It’s not even because of NaNoWriMo. Clue: I am totally self-centered and the sun rises for me. My birthday is this month! It’s actually National Kindness Day!

#wrtrcorns care package

Are you feeling Meh about your writing or your life in general?  Do you want people to just talk about writing with?  No not craft or critique groups.  I mean the life of writing, your ideas, your feelings about scenes you wrote?  I felt like that. A few months back

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