Writer In Motion: First Draft

Don’t forget this is a raw first draft. I know there are a ton of mistakes and it doesn’t flow at all. the point of this is to share the full process, even the ugly bits. ❤️🦄 Erika Yunequine: Cambriea After two days around people, the forests silence almost swallowed

Fillers, Filters, and Crutches

Filler, filter, and crutch words like adverbs weaken your writing with vague ideas.  They are the difference between building an exciting world that holds a reader’s attention or leaving a vague and passive impression.

New Year’s Eve in Hopetide

I use these narratives to work out the cultures and their lore. A different form of government might serve Ublynis better. A group of merchants formed The Kingdom of Ublynis. They wanted to live somewhere that would have laws conducive to business. The new year marks the start of the

The Orrish Longest Night Celebration

The winter solstice is the astrological start of winter.  Many cultures have associated their feast days with the turning of the seasons, and on the world of Aetara, it is no different.  Different races and cultures celebrate the coming of winter differently.  Here, Spinecrusher tells you the origins of the

NaNoWriMo 2017 Countdown

Have you ever made a huge commitment to yourself?  the kind that requires discipline, perseverance, and flexibility?  I’m not quite talking  getting a puppy.  I am talking about shaping a habit.  A beautifully creative habit.  October was Inktober and  there was so much mazing artwork that it inspired me to

August 12-13 writing prompt

  Here’s another challenge for you fellow writers!! This #POVprompt brings your main character another problem. #writingprompt #flashfiction pic.twitter.com/detDcdpFSv — Lexi Lefevre (@LexiIsAWriter) August 12, 2017  This weekend I worked on this prompt as an exercise to “fix” Spinecrusher’s POV.  Normally these prompts are fun and I can whip some

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