fries and steak on white ceramic plate
As requested by S.M. Roffey I am posting up the recipe for ribs I am teaching my mother-in-law. I was considering skipping the back story that I actually despise when I am looking for recipes, but I decided to tell you a little bout the Orrish (Orcs in the world […]

Orrish Rib Recipe

I am crazy.  There I said it.  We decided to get a puppy.  Well my husband decided to get a puppy.  I decided to get a horse. Meet Lady Tazine Fluffington. We call her Taz.  She is a German Shepherd Dog, that is part Tanzanian Devil.  Atleast that is how […]

Puppy Love

I am going to be spending a lot of time with my favorite boys this week!  that means they get to be my featured friends.  Of course, they get the interview questions and they are both preparing some work to share. Taggert is my youngest son.  He just turned 8.  […]

Chatting with Tagg