Writer in Motion 2021 Week 1: The Zero Draft

Last week just sucked.

I mean it could have been worse. If you followed my WiM and Twitter posts last year you already know I had some emergent uterine issues. I definitely wasn’t expecting to still be dealing with it. 

But here we are.

I had written off this year and said I wasn’t going to be able to participate because of my health and some other family issues, but I couldn’t resist the story prompt. Unfortunately, my muse is taking some time off due to stress.  It happens. The thing is I’m still a writer. Everyday I go through the process and do something toward my writing goals. 

I made a few attempts at the prompt as you can read below.

It was going to be dark soon, and the streets were almost empty. Hecklah leaned against a wall trying to figure out where she could go. Home wasn’t and option and soon the guards would be enforcing the curfew. only a few coins jingled in her pocket. She couldn’t afford to rent a room again. Down the road  she could see people barring their doors against the dark moon. she pushed away from the wall, exhaustion making her limbs heavy. Each step her legs screamed that they needed rest. She walked through the narrow street between the crowded stone building where towns people  were still closing up their homes  against the new moon and the creeping fog. She was unsure if she was actually afraid of the fog or if it was just ingrained in her from the previous generations of her family living here. 

A guard came out of the alley. “You there, best be getting somewhere. Fog’s coming in fast.” He didn’t wait, and moved into the next alley heading for another street. 

For most of her life she’d thought they arrested those that stayed out in the fog but weeks ago, she discovered that they spend the dark moon locked in their stations just as afraid as the rest of the town. Since her mother’s death the dark moon called to her. and those around her accused her of being Fog-Touched. She moved down the street, as more fog rolled in. The mist grew thicker with each step she took. She walked down the street to the source of the fog, the abandoned temple of the dark moon goddess.

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