Reading like a writer, week 2

While reading like a writer, there are bound to be some spoilers. If you don’t want spoilers for the book The Orchid Throne, by Jeffe Kennedy you might not want to continue reading this series. I will mark spoilers clearly with ⛔️.

Who’s the protagonist?

After reading the first few chapters in a romance story the reader is generally cheering for the couple they are hoping get a happily-ever-after. in this story, that is the case, we have the Orchid Queen, Lia and the Slave King Con. They sound perfect for each other huh?
In dual PoV romances, which are not my favorite, I think we are expected to identify with both of them. I honestly see Lia as the main protagonist. It could be because the audiobook is narrated by a woman.

What kind of protagonist?

Lia is on the throne, and trying to PROTECT the safety and way of life her people enjoy. In a way she is ASPIRATIONAL, AND RELATABLE. but for the sake of discussion, she is the aspirational character and Con is the character that is a disruptor and relatable.

What do they want?

Lia wants her culture and nation to SURVIVE and the people she rules. Con wants revenge.

Whats their Archetype?

So putting all this information together, we have bother characters as survivors but with the queen as a protector and the King as a disruptor; Lia representing perseverance and Con representing change.

To find out more about Archetypes you can read at DIYMFA.

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