Writer in Motion Week 4: Final Draft

This week was much quieter here in the Rose Household. After last week’s work on the story, all I had to do was post and email a word doc to an editor. I’ve worked with Jeni Chappelle before and enjoy learning about the industry and editing tips from her. My edits in week 3 kept her in mind. I was stunned to only get line edits and polish suggestions back. 

I love the combination of whimsy and tension in this piece. Great work!

Jeni C

For a couple of hours I debated emailing her back to see what else I could change. I thought about adding more world building elements but couldn’t find any good places.Everything I added bogged down the prose and messed with the pacing.

For once I left “good enough” alone. It feels weird.

Just to make certain I asked my cards for feedback. My oracle card was Calendula: Brighten.  Then the cards Wheel of Fortune (10), Five of Swords, and the High Priestess (2). The Wheel of Fortune is the end of a cycle and start of the next. It made me chuckle because writers are forever tweeting or work. The five of swords is a time of conflict. It said to me, “give it a rest.” The last card, The High Priestess, is quiet and introspective. She whispers of mysteries of the hidden knowledge. She sits upon her throne of enlightenment.

Card from Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle and Linestriders Deck By Siolo Thompson/Llewlynn

Besides the “meanings and keywords” there is more going on. this is where the meaty part of interpreting the card comes from. Calendula is a flower I associate with writing and my Muse. If you look at the numerology, a 10 is an obvious message to move on to the next project. Fives are about change or conflict and twos are about choices and decisions. I saw 10/5=2. 

"If you refuse to accept the completed work, and you will forever be changing it."

In the artwork, you see Daimyn and Cambriea tied by fate. Their future is brighter now. 

"Be happy in what you've accomplished; even though you had a hard month, you learned a lot. Take what you have learned and move on."

I finished. 

This is the first story about the Yunequine race of Aeterra I have shared. Even in my head they are shy and secretive. The muse has only given me glimpses of their society, and only from those living outside of the Enclaves. Next week I will share my closing thoughts on the process and where I’m headed next, for now, please click here to read Unicorn Tracks.

My writer in Motion Experience 2020

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