Writer in Motion Week 3: CP Edits

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I planned to do another day-by-day journal, but things…things aren’t great. Last week the doctor called about the tests I had and made an appointment for a biopsy. I can’t get in until September 8th. Let’s just say that is a long ass time to be anxious. I thought I had things handled though.

My father-in-law, who has been sick for a few years, passed away last Friday. (Thank you to everyone that sent condolences.) All I can say is things are not great. Sometimes people say it’s great that I can feel things so deeply and able to express that in my writing, but I just want to not feel for a while.

I struggled to get my edits done for the week. I don’t see things calming down anytime soon and with things shut down as they are, I can’t really go anywhere for a break.

I’ve never been great at using critique partner (CP) edits, and I had to figure out a process for doing it quick. First I copied the CP edits into separate Scrivener docs. Then I made a blank document. I made the big changes paragraph by paragraph.

How I set up Scrivener to work on the edits.

I changed the location and time of day the story begins. Then I will add in more emotion description as I go. I suppose I might need to incorporate more back story about why she left home and took up living in the little cabin on the mountain.

The editor window: on the left I kept the cp edit, and then copy and pasted or rewrote and made changes in the right pane. Looking back, I should have reversed it so the cp edits were next to the comment pane.

Summary: I think the edits came out well, though I know there is a lot more shaping and polishing to do. When I get the editor draft back I can add some extra world building to fill in the gaps.

I felt like I am bothering my CPs when I ask questions. I don’t know if this is just me, but it’s a thing.

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