Writer In Motion: Week One

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

My night wasn’t great, so I’m dragging a little today. I am exhausted, but it’s like I have a squirrel in my head.  This new character has way more energy than most of my other ones. She doesn’t have the same ageless grace and wisdom as Aria or Elle. Instead, this feels like the wild, untamed chaos of Gwen. The more I sit with her, the more I think she is Yunequine, or unicorn, like Gwen. 

Monday, August 3, 2020


It was a rough recovery from last night.  I ended up dozing on the couch at 2:45 am and was out of commission until about 2 pm, but I worked on putting a name and face to my lady MC.  I’d like you to meet Cambriea (cam Bree ah).  She is the youngest of her family and a wild child. And that’s how she ended up here. There might be a Love story here.

I threw out some oracle and tarot cards for her and got a good idea of where she is coming from. Even though I wouldn’t normally share this reading as it’s full of spoilers. For the sake of the  Writer In Motion experience, here it is.

The Linestrider Tarot and Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle decks.

This is her distant past, near past, and present.  

Stabilize and The Empress: To appease the matriarchs, Cami ended up accepting a marriage proposal that would have given her a stable life. 

Ephemeral and Justice reversed: It didn’t last long. Cami embodies her name and her constant change of heart made her fiancé back out of the agreement and destroyed the business dealings between the two families. 

Courage and The Hermet reversed: Cami took her exile from the family, glad to be free of family commitments, but now after a year in exile she found she is not as solitary as she thought she was.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Distractions or inspiration, you decide.

Tuesday I got distracted during the day. Full moon energy, I guess.  I made a gift for a friend and that involved my dip pen calligraphy and a trip to the post office. This morning I hit 1K words and also see where I need to move some scenes around and delete a few others.  But I am almost done with this draft. I want to make those notes. 

I ended up changing her back story some. It still goes along with the card reading. But I got the full story when she started telling me.

Stabilize and The Empress: Her mother noticed Cami was falling in love with her best friend and arranged their marriage.

Ephemeral and Justice reversed: Cami got angry and refused to wed Daimyn. when they tried to force them, Cami left.

Courage and The Hermet reversed: it’s time to be brave and face her feelings and what she has discovered about herself.

I realized there were some abusive undertones, so I deleted a fight scene. Abusive love is off limits. I talked over my plot with a friend (@awakedragon). Sometimes you need to talk it through. Lets see how it goes.


My first draft meanders a bit. I struggled to figure out where she was and how much depth to put in the scene. The first paragraph will get moved and then there is a scene where she is talking to a rancher that will get deleted. The scene at the inn might be the beginning. Over all there are about 900 words to cut as I came in well over 1800 words. 

Read my first draft here…

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