Writer In Motion: Week 0

The Writer in Motion Prompt and my First Impressions

a mountain range with a camper
Writers in Motion 2020 visual prompt

The Writer in Motion 2020 prompt just dropped, and I have been thinking about it for about an hour. I’ve only done a few visual prompts, so this is a new experience. My first thought was, “A mountain range and a camper.”
Right away, a character I have been dying to work with started talking to me and I told her to sit the heck down. She wanted to explore the foliage and trees to see what potions she could make and wanted to start her new life here.
This might be the setting she’s been looking for, but I stuck her back in her scrivener file. At least she gave me an impression.  

A fresh start. Rejuvenation. 

oracle and tarot cards on a white background
The reading I drew when I first woke up on Aug 1.

That made me pull up my tarot and oracle reading from this morning. My oracle card for today was regeneration, along with the tarot cards supporting it the Queen of Swords reversed (impatience, intolerance), the King of Cups reversed (ignorance, unintuitive), and The World (attainment fulfillment, end and restart a cycle). These go well with the ideas the character wanted to pursue. 

I turned to the setting. The time of year feels like after midsummer when much of the plants a forager would look for are blooming. Is this somewhere the forager has visited or is this a place she learned about from someone else? Could it be the edge of a village? I guess I will answer all this in the first draft. All I know now is this is a place to grow, a place to cultivate patience and intuition. This is a place to gain wisdom and balance.

My writer in Motion Experience 2020

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