WRITER IN MOTION short fiction experience

Although Writer in Motion is for short fiction and I write epic fantasy, I decided to do it. I decided to do it. Maybe its a bad idea?

I struggle to finish things.

So I add a new commitment to the pile. I actually considered that and compared this to NANOWRIMO. Where NANOWRIMO is 50K words, this is only around 1K. Nano is only 30 days during one of my busier months. WIM is over two months when my kids will have more structure. There is a writing prompt and editing. I can write and edit 1000 words in less than a week.

They will be encourage us to blog about it. My blog as been sitting bare for months and I kind of like the idea of flash fiction filling its pages. (I did make this little flash fiction recently.) So there’s that. In 2020 I will work with one of the editors in addition to the CP! There were only 25 spots that went to BIPOC authors first this year.

My kids will be getting back to “school.” In case you’ve been under a rock or off the planet, many schools are only having virtual classes again this fall. The oldest will be starting high school and the youngest will be in 7th grade. I’m not very involved in their work and they both like this arrangement. No mater how much I fight it, I work better with a schedule.

Will Writer in Motion interfere with my WIP?

Let’s be honest, having something smaller than a 80,000 word high fantasy just sounds fantastic. Writer in Motion will give me more craft experience in revision and to help me finish book one of SOULCHASER.

My writer in motion experience will be lots of time at the keyboard and in my notes.

If you are interested in doing Writers in Motion you can check out their website here. And follow along on twitter.

Let me know if you are going to join up.

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