My Favorite Blogs

Too often on social media we are bombarded with reasons to hate things. Since this month is all about love, Lets talk about what we like, starting with blogs.

Author blogs offer a look into the life and times of a writer. Some people post rarely, so it’s a special treat when they show up in my mailbox. They post in personal glimpses of their families. Others post each week with amazing research and turtorials.  Then there are the ones with resources that help me write better.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_3bbe

First, up, Bryn Donovan. She is a little bright spot in my mailbox each week.  Of course, she writes greating cards and romance!  Her blog includes resources for writing, like this list of 50 Fantasy Plot Ideas and Writing Prompts. This post inspired the biggest plot hole fix during revisions of SOULCHASER.

Jewel E. Leonard’s blog is full of personal stories and updates. It chronicles the ups and downs of the writer’s adventure she is having with her family.  You feel like you grow right along with them. The post that means the most to her is one where she shares her wishes for her son.

For technical know-how behind the many facets of self publishing, look no further than Aila Stephens. Her blog has comparisons of software and services for doing it all alone, only you have her, holding your hand. She is a strong advocate for self-publishing and doing it well. She shares her Crisis of Creative Faith here.

What are your favorite author blogs?  Give your favorite author some love and share their links! 

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