Hashing out Hashtag Games

Twitter in host to some great communities for writers. There are tight knit support circles there from both indie and traditionally published authors. My absolute favorite thing about Writer Twitter is hashtag games.

For a list of the chats and games on Writer Twitter, follow @writeevent and visit freewritingevents.com.

My best advice is to choose one that has something to do with either your genre, your writing passion, or craft you need help with. For example my favorite daily game is #wipworldbuilders. For SSF (sci-fi fantasy) writers it’s a great place to work out details of your worlds. If you need help in this you can see how other writers have framed things and get ideas on where to start.

Tip: Ask around with int #amwriting[genre] community to find out which games they like.

Most of the time I skip days or just jump in when an interesting question comes across my feed. If the answer is just too spoilery just skip it. Sometimes you won’t have any interaction on a tweet, but thats ok. You are doing this for yourself and your story.  You don’t even have to post if you don’t want to!  Go ahead and answer on your notepad and reap the benefits.

The best way to use hashtag games is interact with the accounts you follow.  If you see a post answering a question, its a great way to strike up a chat and get to know the people in your time line.  Most people don’t care if you aren’t playing the game. Aren’t we here to get and give support?

Do you have a favorite daily hashtag game?  Are there some you want to try? let me know in the comments.

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