Writing Tools: Rescue Time

Where did the last 2 hours of my life go?

I sit down and two hours later have nothing completed. I have read up on productivity and motivation, but none of that helps if I become distracted.  obviously I need to avoid the activities that turned into time sinks.  I found the app on IFTTT (an app that allows automation of many other apps) and Gyroscope (an app for self-quantification).

RescueTime: The name says it all. If you don’t like your activities being monitored, this app is not for you.  Once you download the desktop app, it will record your time spent on your computer.  Those of you who use android phones can even keep track of your time on your phone.  Apple iPhone doesn’t allow the depth of monitoring.  
Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 10.06.32 AMGetting started: The first week, install the apps. go on about things as normal and let the application collect data.  This way you can see exactly what needs to change. try to resist playing with it as much as you can.  instead of using your free trial now, I recommend waiting until you have data in your dashboard.


If you opted in, Rescue Time will  send you a weekly summary. My trouble spots: shopping and social media.  When I first got started I was working as a customer service rep and my time on social media was work time. I no longer work in that field I have assigned that time as unproductive.





Category & Productivity Scores: Once you get all the websites and applications, you use regularly labeled and log more time you will get a better idea of changes you need to make.  Blocking types of sites during work time is a major help.


Logged time will tell you how you spent your computer time. the grew is neutral and the red is unproductive.  you might have a pattern that is clear.  Scheduling blocks of phone calls and errands and putting your list making skills to work can help you stay focused.


Connectivity and Services: Once you get started you can integrate other services with Rescue Time. The Quantified-self movement is people who record data about themselves to improve. My favorite is Gyroscope.  It transforms the data into beautiful images.

Between spending time with the boys, housework, and errands it is good.  But I know I could get more done. Around 2 PM I usually get sleepy.  I could change my routine to counteract that.  The image below even shows my movement and heart reate from my watch.

Rescue Time has a free and premium plans.  I use the free service.  Their referral program is for all members.  For each free member that signs up, you receive two weeks free. ** Several of the links in this post use my referral link.** (I have a premium membership to Gyrosco.pe.)

Seeing where my time disappeared over the last few years is helping me change my habits and environment to get more work done.



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