N​ew book from Jewel!

Book Two of The Witches Rede, by Jewel Leonard, is available for preorder! Are you squealing?  You should be!  I had the chance to read an advance copy and really enjoyed it.

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Such a Beautiful Cover

If you enjoy books about magic, witchcraft, romance, and sorcery you will love this series. Although book two could stand alone, reading ALIGHT will explain several story arcs.

POSSESSION takes place in the old southwest.  She is waiting for her fiance to return to town and she begins to understand her power and how she fits into the world. There is so more to Maeve than we first thought.

I recommend the physical copy; it is very nice.  You will get the Kindle ebook free with the physical book.


*spoilers and content warnings*

This book contains sensitive material pertaining to women’s issues. Reader discretion advised. Feel free to contact me for more details.

As with any book, but especially with indy authors, after you read it be sure to leave feedback on Goodreads or Amazon.



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