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I keep seeing a lot of writers posting things like this:



from : 

And I have something to say about it.


Just stop.  I get it, you make more off a hard copy of a book.  It keeps brick and mortar stores in business (there are no locally own stores in my locality.) You want me to take pictures of your book and tell my friends about it.  But right now, and this might not just apply to me, physical books don’t really fit in my life.

First, I’m a mom.  My life centers around my kids and as much as it might surprise you, I’m not free to do what I want when they are at school.  I have to do stuff I have trouble doing when they are home. Eat, sleep, clean, run errands, self-care.

This leaves me with 2-5 minute breaks to read.  Unless of course, I’m listening to an audiobook.  I tend to do a lot of waiting when running errands and that is where I get most of my reading done.  Why can’t I carry a REAL book?  I lose things.  Therefore, I prefer to not have a bag, or purse.  I leave the house with my cards and phone planning on running a 15-minute errand.  It turns into an hour wait.  Or I bring stuff to do and because of cancellations I can get in right away.  Or I have two kids with me and can’t actually retain what I am reading.


We also have a puppy.   She is not all that destructive but has gotten one library book.

We had to take out my bookshelves and I’m only now getting them put back in.

Be happy that I get to read.  That I get that little reminder at the end of the book to go on Amazon and Goodreads to toss the author a review.  Be happy with me when I’m excited about what I’m reading that I post about it while I’m reading.

Real books make you feel.

Can we all agree on that?



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2 thoughts on “Real Books

  • Jeannette

    Yes. Omg. Physical books are lovely but I have limited space and limited funds. Plus I’m more willing to take a chance on an unfamiliar author in the kindle store.

    • erikafrose Post author

      Totally! Today my son left the novel for L&L class at school. So much quicker to just buy an ebook as back up for him so he csn psss his quiz on Monday. Thanks for stopping by!