I Love Football

I have not lost my mind. Contrary, I’m embracing something that I cannot fight.


Believe me, I’ve tried.  I have whined, demanded, bribed, and ranted about it. All to no avail.
It’s been almost 16 years, 21 if you count the dating years, and I have decided to embrace the game days.
My reasoning? Time to do things I want to do.
He goes to visit his dad and sometimes takes the kids to see his mom. Our kids are 9 and 11, so even if he leaves them here, really, it’s no big deal.

From September to January I have some Sundays free.  Occasionally he will even pick up dinner or groceries.  Guilt maybe?

Things I do while he is gone with the kids:
Go shopping for groceries
go to target
go to Starbucks
eat things the kids aren’t allowed to eat
use the TV
play in my makeup
Periscope/Twitch broadcasts
surf the web
say I’m writing, but play on twitter

Use this time to do things you CAN’T do with your kids around.


Things I do while he is gone and I have the kids:
go shopping for groceries
go for walks with the dog
pretend to watch the kids play xbox but actually watch one of my shows on my laptop
work on craft projects
sleep (they can actually be trusted at this age)
break things doing DIY projects without approval
try to convince the kids to do something I consider fun

Other things:
schedule deliveries to show up on Sunday

I was seeing foot ball as competition, when actually it’s just the enemy of my enemy.

Does your partner watch football (or any other sport)? What do you do while they are busy? I’d love to know!


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