If you follow me on Twitter, you have seen me use #wrtrcorns every now and then.  You might be wondering what exactly #wrtrcorns is. It’s a project I am working on to get a writing group started.  It’s is not about workshopping your writing, it’s about nurturing yourself and those around you.  It’s about feeling safe and loved.  So use the hashtag #wrtrcorns when you need a little (or a lot) support.  If you have something awesome to share with the world please use it!  Hold those horns up and be proud of the magic you are creating!
Here is the logo that Stephen Martin created for me

My favorite part of it is its simplicity I can add it to other pieces and it becomes something special.

You can reach out to Stephen on Twitter.  His pricing was reasonable and he is super friendly!  He embodies the #wrtrcorns ideals.  

What do you think of the logo?  Have you worked with anyone to create logos for a project?

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