Find your Tribe

What is a tribe?

Simply put it is a group of like-minded people who support and cherish one another.    Years ago that would be your neighbors,  friends, and family.  Now that has changed.  often we feel we have little in common with the people we live near or grew up with.  The world is shrinking and we are no longer living close to where we were born.  We are bombarded with new ideas.  The internet is great because you can find people who have the same beliefs and goals.

Even in gaming, we gravitate to others. That’s why MMORPGS are so popular.  My husband and I have been running with the same guild for 11 years and have started meeting them in person.

Whatever you call it, we all need a group.

We might even have several different groups.  I have a great group of writer friends I connected with over the past year.    They have been there to stop me every time I’ve wanted to quit writing and delete all the words.  they aren’t all fantasy writers, in fact, most of them are romance writers.  not all of them have publisher’s contracts; I believe they are all Indy.  but they all are 100% unicorns and awesome!!  I shamelessly included links to their websites.   


Who is your tribe?  If you have written about people who have supported you please share the link in the comments.  Let’s spread love for those that help us

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4 thoughts on “Find your Tribe

    • erikafrose Post author

      I know we haven’t chatted in a long time, but you were so kind and helpful those first few weeks when I was looking for support. I will never forget that. I know you are working on your own projects! 🦄🦄🦄

  • Jeannette

    I’ve never succeeded in finding my tribe outside my family.
    But that’s pretty damn impressive you’ve been with the same guild for 11 years.
    Did you watch The Guild?

    • erikafrose Post author

      Awesome you were born into your tribe, but I am guessing you have them somewhere. People you just click with in talking craft, books, cooking. Believe me I don’t talk writing with my mom buddy friends!