Savannah Goins- Mother of Dragons

Savannah, the dragon wrangler, at rest.

Super excited for you to meet Savannah.  I’m even more excited to read her soon to be published book, The Gwythienian. She writes fantasy, so of course, I wanted a chance to chat with her.  We could probably talk for hours about car trips from the midwest to Georgia.  Be sure to head over to her excerpt from The Gwythienian (link at the end of the post) and enter to win a signed copy.

What do you like to be called?

Mostly I go by Savannah, but in all of my social media bios, I also call myself a dragon wrangler. It fits well since I write fantasy about dragons, and since I am an actual dragon wrangler at my day job. When I’m not writing, I am an RVT at an exotic animal clinic where we see pet lizards, some of them very large–though sadly, none of them are the fire-breathing kind.

Is creating your day job or night fling?

Creating is my early morning and late night thing. Some mornings I get up at 5 am to write before work, and I nearly always write for at least an hour each evening, and more on my day off.

What is your creative routine?

If I’m writing at 5 am, I get up and make coffee first thing. Then sit down at my computer and write for an hour or two. I always use this time to focus on my book, not for blogging or any writing I am doing for other purposes. Then in the evening after dinner, I usually have tea (less caffeine) and write for as long as I can. If I have the day off, I like to go to one of my favorite coffee shops early in the day and write for six hours or so.



Where do you like to do your creating?  Coffee shop, library, your sofa?

I do most of my writing at the kitchen table (now reclaimed as my desk). But I do love sitting in coffee shops and if I know that an appointment, such as getting my car’s oil changed, is going to take more than twenty minutes, I bring my laptop and work there too.

What does your workspace look like? (Feel fee to include  pictures.)

My kitchen table has a circular glass top and is usually covered in notes, books on writing, and various marketing things. In the included picture, it is the cleanest it ever has been or ever will be. 🙂

Do you prefer your first draft to be hand-written or digital?

I prefer digital. That way I can immediately start making improvements on it once it’s written, instead of having to type in a whole handwritten manuscript. I can also type much faster than I write, so that works better for me. I do love having handwritten things though, so I use a couple of cool leather-bound notebooks to keep notes in. I also have a sketch book that I enjoy making sketches of my characters in and keeping some notes as well.

Do you have writing rituals or ticks?  Does the house have to be clean? Meditation?

Since my “desk” is in the kitchen, I have I direct view of the sink full of dishes! But unfortunately for my house, I have developed the ability to ignore messiness when I get the chance to write. I do like to have something to drink, preferably coffee, in a nice mug.

Tea or coffee? (or other artsy drink)

I go through phases. A couple of months ago I drank tea multiple times a day and didn’t miss coffee, but now coffee is the way to go. I also like chocolate milk–a very artsy drink–and occasionally wine.

Is procrastination a thing?  What do you find yourself doing when it is?

Procrastination is definitely a thing. If I’m at a point where things aren’t flowing as easily as they were a week ago, then I put off writing, usually by spending too much time on social media.

When writing, is researching a pain or a pleasure?

Usually a pleasure. But since my first book is YA fantasy and not historical fiction, there was limited research involved.

What was the last thing you read? Did you enjoy it?

I am reading Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth right now, and I am enjoying it very much!

What was your favorite part about writing The Gwythienian?  Least favorite?

Exploring my imagination to create the creatures and the world was absolutely fantastic. Least favorite was probably the amount of revising I had to do after the first round with my editor because I thought I had outlined well enough that I wouldn’t have so much to improve on. But at the same time, I learned a lot through that and it made the book so much better!

Name 5 things that help you get your writing done. (People, places, things, apps)

Coffee, sound-cancelling ear protection (if hubby is gaming in the next room), silence or coffee shop white noise, reading a short blog post about some aspect of writing before I start the day, having a nice gel pen nearby for scribbling down quick notes.

Kaz, the rat


Things that get in the way of writing:


Long days at work (when ten hours turns into eleven or more), social media, projects outside of “my writing” such as presentations for work, sometimes reading a really good book because I’d rather read than write, trying to play with my pets and write at the same time.

What’s your favorite flavor of Skittle?

Tough question! I think I’d have to say pink. 

Encouragement for a writer feeling overwhelmed.

The Gwythienian, my YA portal fantasy novel, releases November third!

Online Availability (as of 11.3.17) | | |

Here is a link to an excerpt and a chance to win a signed hardcover copy!


Here is how to get ahold of Savanna and see what she is up to:



















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