WiR: April 17-23

This week was spring break for the boys.  We didn’t do much.  The boys worked on a new youtube video.  we still need to upload it.

I spent a lot of time sleeping and doing mental work; trying to figure out what is really important to me.  Honestly, the house being neat is important, but not exactly high on my list.  there are things that can be done to make the physical home more appealing, but my attitude is of higher importance.

As far as my writing, I hashed out 2 new ideas and got a start on of them.  It’s frustrating because I still have the Ari and Kaja stories in pieces and not getting any closer to completion.

I have been considering keeping a writing journal on this blog to share my progress.   I have been doing Periscopes with the dog and just talking about writing, too.

Taz, the puppy, is 10 months old and and around 75 pounds.  She has her own Instagram.  You should follow her.

I am reaching out to people in my circle on twitter getting help and giving love.  You should too.  They rock!








Thanks for reading.  If you would like to be interviewed, please contact me on Twitter.

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