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Last week a friend pointed out a great book I should get on Kindle.  She was super excited that a reference book was being offered free and it was useful to many writers.

It was news to me that it is free with my Amazon Prime membership. I really need to keep up with the perks they add to Prime.

Prime really is more than just free shipping.  (Disclosure:  I am an Amazone Affiliate, so some links to products pay me a small percentage, but I’m not being paid to write this post.  The money made offsets the $200 a year I spent on this site.) My favorite perks so far are Kindle first and Twitch Prime.

Kindle First

Pick from one of six pre-release titles.  The book is yours forever, not one that has to be returned.  Each of the 6 books will be in different genres.

Twitch Prime

Honestly,  I don’t personally use this one, but my husband was paying for Twitch premium.  Now he isn’t.  That makes him exceedingly happy.

If you like to watch pro gamers play, then this is for you.  The ads go away which can save you a huge amount on your data plan.

Amazon Video

Comcast was charging us $230 a month for internet, phone, and tv with premiums channels.  Over a year that was $2760 every year.  we dropped our internet speed and have basic cable now.  so any streaming service we can use, we do.  There are exclusive shows and they are now getting the premium channels for add-ons.

I want to try

Prime Reading

This one sounds kind of like Kindle Unlimited, only with fewer titles.  I’m going to give it a try for a month instead of Unlimited.  I would rather use that money for a subscription to Audible.

Do you have Amazon prime?  Is all this a surprise to you?  What are your favorite parts of Prime?  Did I miss something huge, again?

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