Yearly Archives: 2017

November holds a very dear place in my heart not just because of National Banana Pudding Lovers Month or National Fun with Fondue Month. It’s not even because of NaNoWriMo. Clue: I am totally self-centered and the sun rises for me. My birthday is this month! It’s actually National Kindness Day! […]

November raffle

Have you ever made a huge commitment to yourself?  the kind that requires discipline, perseverance, and flexibility?  I’m not quite talking  getting a puppy.  I am talking about shaping a habit.  A beautifully creative habit.  October was Inktober and  there was so much mazing artwork that it inspired me to […]

NaNoWriMo 2017 Countdown

I keep seeing a lot of writers posting things like this:   And I have something to say about it.   Just stop.  I get it, you make more off a hard copy of a book.  It keeps brick and mortar stores in business (there are no locally own stores in […]

Real Books