Puppy Love

I am crazy.  There I said it.  We decided to get a puppy.  Well my husband decided to get a puppy.  I decided to get a horse.

Meet Lady Tazine Fluffington.

Taz on her first day with us.

We call her Taz.  She is a German Shepherd Dog, that is part Tanzanian Devil.  Atleast that is how I feel when she is trying to remove my arm.  With her teeth.

It’s kind of reaseearch for my books.  This is kind of how I imagine the wolf mounts in my books looking.  Robert won’t let me get a goat.

She is almost 30 pounds at 15 weeks.  I think she will be about 80-90 pounds.  Right now she is in puppy preschool and doing pretty well.  She has not earned free run of the house even when I am home because she tends to go off alone.  Soon!  She has been sneaking away for naps this week.  

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As far as our routine, Taz is forcing me to change how I do things.  I either tie her up where she can hang out but won’t get stepped on, put her out on her run to play, or put her in the crate.  I can’t wait until she stops stealing socks and shoes while the kids are getting dressed.   She also scent marks the upstairs hall when she goes up there.  

Once we are ready to go if it’s not raining Taz and I walk the boys to school the go for at least a mile walk. German Shepherd dogs need around 2 hours of exercise through out the day.  

German Shepherd dogs are notorious for chewing as puppies and tgey are extremely intelligent.  First, they need to be trained especially if they are nipping, and mouthing at people.  Second, chewing can be a sign of anxiety, and if they are not getting exercise, tgey can become anxious.  Third, if the dog is chewing and not housebroken, letting the dog wander off is just crazy!

After the morning walk, she is just done.

Tizzy-Taz is mostly housebroken, and she knows several useful commands.

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Leave it
  • Let’s go
  • Come
  • Here
  • Watch me

Do you have a dog?  Share links to your pup’s pictures! 

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