We have a  Tween!

Somehow Robert and I have kept this child alive for 10 years.   It’s been quite the ride!  Treb has the most amazing mind and the twisted sense of humor that makes him both a Flanigan and a Rose.  

I won’t lie, we have had our rough times, because we are so much alike.  He is my “mini me”.  When he opens his mouth and my words come out.  

This is a rare year that school hasn’t started before his birthday.  He is already in the mindset to have the mature birthday.  Low key.  Pizza and a cake. We have a tween!

Do you have advice for a 10 year old?  Or the parent of a tween?

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2 thoughts on “We have a  Tween!

    • erikafrose Post author

      Treb has been angsty and full of attitude for a while. He is most likely on the Austin spectrum so we go into everything like you would with an emo teen, lol. This will be easy the second time around with Tagg. 4 was such an awesome age. They are finally able to see grains of reason! And potty training was done! Too bad about the naps! I miss naps!