Back to reality

Sometimes after vacation I need another vacation just to get myself back to my normal routine.  This year’s vacation was a mix of truly amazing and just plan crappy.

If you want to read about an amazing vacation with no complaints see this post by @bryndonovan.

A bit of back ground:  I don’t travel well at all.  Every trip in the car tests my knowledge of traffic rules and reaction time.  A day of running errands is rarely uneventful.  Cross-country trips usually just leave me unconscious from anxiety.

This year I was determined to have an awesome vacation and go somewhere I have never been.  I enlisted the help of my sister inlaw Tracy.  She is awesome.  She is a great traveler.  We rented a lovely beach house on Tybee Island, Georgia.  We had 2 couples, 4 kids, and my parents with us.  

Everything went with out a hitch.  The drive was uneventful.  None of the usual bodily fluid crisis we usually have on this trip.  Previously we had torrential bloody noses or car sickness from the oldest.

Tuesday we went on a tour to find dolphins as a birthday gift to my oldest niece.  Wednesday we went to the beach.  Amazing.  I was horribly hungover but it was still fun to be in the waves.  The water was so warm.

When we go home I had that nagging feeling that something was not right and texted the friend that was feeding the guinea pig.  

Our second car was stolen.  I spent the rest of my day calling the police and worrying.  The trip was still pleasant.  My husband and I worked on our relationship while we had the time.  Sunrise and sunset walks.  We went to see Fort Pulaski. We visited the beach again to play in the waves.  

Then we woke up late the morning of our departure.  We managed to leave on time for our 16 hour drive and we were all ready to get home.  We got to Atlanta, 3 hours into our trip, and we were rear ended.  

I waited until we knew every one in the 4 cars behind us were unharmed, before I wailed, “I just want to go home.” In my head, I dropped to my knees and clasped my hands over my face.  In reality, I blinked back my tears and walked away from the driver that was behind us.  

A few hours later we found out our Escort was recovered.  At this time I only know the steering column was torn out.  Our SUV needs over $2800 in repairs.  This is why we have insurance.  State Farm has been amazing.  They reached out to me on twitter when I was lamenting my bad fortune, and made my day a little brighter. 

So we had the best and worst vacation ever.  We won’t be traveling for a while.  My sister inlaw kinda understands now that I am not being dramatic when I say I don’t travel well.

Do you have any misadventures?  Share your tales in the comments.

it doesnt look like much, but the door has to be replaced

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