Writing prompt: The sky was aflame

Looking for some inspiration?   Sometimes that little bit of oomph you need for a scene is no further away than your back yard.  Be alert when you are out and about.  Keep your cell phone handy and snap pictures of things that stir up emotion in you.  It is likely that the photo will bring up those same feelings.  If you can pause and notice the smells and sounds that will make your writing even more vivid.

The sky was aflame. 


Is this a beautiful sunset?  Is it a natural or magical disaster? 

Should we run away or is this a chance for a romantic moment?


An amazing sunset from my back yard:  I think I was barbecuing one spring evening trying to finish dinner before the sun went down.  I had been staring east watching the sky darkening and keeping an eye on the meat, most likely.  I remember turning and thinking, I was to see this again.  

Feel free to add what you come up with in the comments.  Share a line or a few hundred words.  I want this to be a safe, encouraging place and will not allow nastiness.  (My house, my rules.)

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