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Do you remember the opening credits of Murder She Wrote?  As I got older I noticed the changes in her writing process: Typewriter, word processor, PC.  I watched that show for a very long time.  

When I started scribbling stories, I used a pencil and school supplies borrowed from the family stash.  Sometimes it was a spiral notebook with only 5 pages unmarked in it.  Other times, I had a 3 ring binder full of glorious college ruled paper.

Once my stories were done,   I attempted to type them up like my older brother sometimes did with his stories.    That never lasted long because I never learned keyboarding, and we only had one type writer.  My mother was working on her master’s degree, and I was the youngest of four children.  As far as priority, my stories got booted to the end of the queue.

Fast forward.  I do most of my writing on my phone now.  There are so many apps that can help with writing flow .  Evernote, Scrivener, Scrivo and Grammerly are just a few of the ones I have used recently.  

What is your work flow like for writing?  Are you digital only?  Do you outline with note cards?  Tell me about you work flow in the comments. 

scrivener is by far my favorite tool right now.

(I am not receiving any kind of gift or payment to write about these apps though I will be adding affiliate links eventually.)

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