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fdblqskzI met Tiberius, you guessed it, on Twitter.  If you are not there, you are missing out.  We were discussing proper ways to get your favorite author to fix stories and how we personally wanted to be “persuaded”; a discussion of the book Misery, hobbling, and kidnapping as writing motivation.  Good times.
He has begun the process of searching for an agent or publisher, and is revising toward that goal.
Tiberious has a four-year old son and attends college full time, while his spouse supports the family.  We have exchanged advice and insight on balancing the writer’s life with the family life, and keeping your marriage strong.
Be sure to reach to and connect if you are interested in getting to know him better.  He likes to chat with those who follow him on Twitter.

1)What do you like to be called?  Publicly I prefer my pen name Tiberius Engle
2)Is creating your day job or night fling? Creating is my lifestyle, all day, every day, when I’m not procrastinating.
3)In six or fewer sentences describe your usual routine?
 Wake in the morning feelin’ like P-Diddy,
Grab my glasses, I’m out the door; I’m gonna hit this city
Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of jack
‘Cause when I leave for the night I ain’t comin’ back
In actuality I do not have what one would call a regular routine. Ideally write in the morning, school and parenting throughout the day, play some videogames, read for an hour, write again, then go to sleep. Mostly it just involves trying to survive the day as a parent for a toddler.
4)Where do you like to do your creating?  Coffee shop, library, your 
sofa? Where I am when I get in the mood
5)What does you workspace look like?  I have no consistent place for writing, primarily just a legal pad tucked into a folder whenever I feel like it, wherever, or on a laptop or desktop.
6)Do you prefer your first draft to be hand-written or digital? I prefer to do hand written but since I can’t use my right arm to write anymore I’m using my left which is much slower and very inefficient so I am trying to convert to electronic only.
7) Do you have any writing rituals?  Does the house have to be clean? Meditation? No rituals, no prerequisites or anything I just write whenever I feel like it. I do prefer my child to be in bed though.
8)Tea or coffee? Tea of course, I’m not a barbarian   :-P
9)Is procrastination a thing?  What do you find yourself doing when it is? I like to convince myself my procrastination is the only reason I’m not a critically acclaimed best seller to help motivate myself. I procrastinate too much on everything. I just like to not do anything and play video games or watch a movie and shut my overactive brain off.
10)In fantasy writing, is world building a pain or a pleasure? World building is what gets me really excited about the book and encourages me to continue it. I like it more than the writing.
11)What was the last thing you read? Did you enjoy it? The Godsland series by Brian Rathbone who I regularly speak to on Twitter, nice guy. It was very enjoyable. Started out a little slow but once it started rolling I was hooked and couldn’t put it down.
12)Do you prefer to read fiction or nonfiction for fun?  I go back and forth. I read about as much of both. I like biographies, various philosophy books and classic literature books as well as science books. However I also read a lot of fantasy and science fiction. There is no rotation or anything I just read what I feel like.
13)What’s your favorite flavor of Skittle? My favorite flavor of skittle is earl grey tea.


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