RR Willica

I met Ms. Willica on–wait for it– Twitter.   She shares little peeks into her life and the workings of her mind. 

We absolutely bonded over our love of video games. Games like Final Fantasy  and World of Warcraft have offered her inspiration. She is a bit shy, but is relatively chatty about fantasy stories and writing advice.  Her blog has some awesome information about editing and dialogue

On her bio page she has an obsevation I needed to read.  It gave me chills and made my eyes fill with tears:

Eighteen years after my project began the world of publishing has changed. I do not want to see my dreams destroyed by my own inaction. I’m also able to make those cuts and changes that my original manuscript needs. The time is near.

Happily married with three kids and working a full-time job means that writing time looks different than it did when I was younger. What matters is that I’m making the time to give voice to my characters and achieving my goals.

If you are writing and chasing your dreams,  stop giving up and make your move like she did.  

1) Do you have a preferred name or title?
I do not have a title. “Your majesty” never worked out.
2) Is creating your day job or night fling? 
Creating is not my day job, but I would not be upset if that every happens. My secret identity is a receptionist, though, and I get a lot of character ideas from that.
3) In seven or fewer sentences describe your usual daily routine?
I drag myself from bed and get ready for work. At work I deal with patients and co-workers. I go for a walk twice during the day. Noon is lunch time. After work I go home and dinner is eaten. The rest of the night is a combination of writing, watching shows, gaming, and hanging out with my husband and kids.
4) Where do you like to do your creating?  Coffee shop, library, your sofa?
Creating happens spontaneously and at any moment. I prefer to be near my computer so that I can type my ideas as they come to me.
5) Do you like to create on the computer or the old fashioned way with a pen and paper?
My mind moves very quickly. Pen and paper cannot keep up with me. 
6) Is procrastinating a thing?  What do you find yourself doing when it is?
Procrastinating is a thing. I often find myself on the internet either on Twitter or looking at funny pictures or playing video games.
7) What was the last thing you read?  Was it for fun or work?
I’m currently reading Revenants Abroad by D D Syndral and I just finished chapter 12. It is not my own work and I’m liking the story.
8) Do you prefer to read fiction or nonfiction for fun?
I prefer fiction. It is rare that I will pick up a non-fiction book for fun.
9) Tea or coffee? (or other artsy drink)
Tea but some coffee. Mostly water.
10) What’s your favorite flavor of Skittle?
I like red and yellow the best, but I like all Skittles.
11) Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that helps you create?
I do not. 
12) Have you ever gotten a crush on any of your characters?
I haven’t had this happen. I do like my characters a lot, but they are like my children.
13) What does you work-space look like?
My work-space is very loud and surrounded by toys.
Thank you for interviewing me! 


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