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Jewel and I met one night on Twitter; it was beautiful.  Two moms, the right hashtag; then magic, and me giggling so much that my husband started reading over my shoulder.  If you are not on there you need to get over there.  You can find the most interesting people.  I caught her eye with the amwritingsmut hashtag.  We have bonded over having a child with special needs, having that “eff it all” moment and cutting our hair short, and writing romance.  The best part is she totally get the crushes I have on my leading men.  thank you so much, Jewel

Do you have a preferred name or title? 

I like to go by Jewel. I prefer hearing Mama/Mom/Mommy from my son. 🙂

The best name EVER!

Is creating your day job or night fling?

I’m a mom 24/7 and fit creating around my children. Sometimes I’m able to do that during the day, other times I have to wait until the little ones are asleep. As a SAHM, I take creative time whenever I can get it. I’ll even steal it if I must (when I’m inspired).

For some reason mine hits me while I am cooking, just go with it.  

In seven or fewer sentences describe your usual daily routine?

Stumble out of bed–typically to the sounds of my son or the cries of my daughter.
Have coffee, feed the kids.
Do some chores, work with my daughter (physical therapy/speech therapy stuff on days her therapists don’t visit us).
Entertain my son.
If I’m lucky, work on my writing/editing/beta reading.
Collapse into bed.
Rewind, repeat.

Not long since this was my life.  It is so awesome that you have your writing!  

Where do you like to do your creating? Coffee shop, library, your sofa?

I tend to do the vast majority of my creating on my sofa. Every once in a while I’ll be at the kitchen table or my little white Ikea desk. Ideally I’d like to do my creative work in a library or coffee shop… or outside on a porch overlooking some beautiful natural landscape in the fall. (So obviously not where I’m currently living.)

Wait, there is no autumn shift in Texas?  Do you like to create on the computer or the old fashioned way with a pen and paper?

I do both. I like to write first drafts on paper with my RSVP pens and then I consider it my first edit when I type those up on my laptop.

I can’t even imagine trying to read my writing.  I bet you have nice neat romantic cursive.  

Do you think your search history could get you arrested or just raise some eyebrows?

My search history absolutely would raise some eyebrows.
I don’t think I could get arrested for it.
…I don’t think. XD

Clear it! 

Is procrastinating a thing? What do you find yourself doing when it is?

Oh absolutely! Most anything can be procrastination. I created a bit of a ruckus on Twitter one day when I declared I’d rather clean the catbox than edit. (And btw, I cleaned the catbox. But then I edited.)

Seriously, editing hurts.  

What was the last thing you read? Was it for fun or work?

The last thing I read was a friend’s book–it was for fun (I was so excited to see it) and for work (beta reading/proofreading).

That is great.  You are such a great friend.  

Do you prefer to read fiction or nonfiction for fun?


“Calgon, take me away!” 

Tea or coffee? (or other artsy drink)

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee.
Unless I’m sick, in which case it’s tea.
What’s your favorite flavor of Skittle?

Reece’s Pieces. 😉

Oh you’re gonna be like that? **puts her bag of skittles away.**
Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that helps you create?

Hmm. I guess my glasses–because I can’t see without them. 😉
Seeing is good.  Have you ever gotten a crush on any of your characters?

Oh my, yes. You can’t write romance and not (or if you do, you’re doing it wrong). XD




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