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UPDATE:  Kalisha’s book, Solemn: A Novel, was released finally!  as of May 5, 2016 at 8 pm it was still listed at $16.81 for the hardback.  (affiliate links)

Kalisha and I met in eighth grade back at Kankakee Junior High School about twenty-four years ago.  We reunited online in 2005 when she sent me a copy of her first book Upstate: A Novel.  Her career is pretty impressive and I have looked to her as one of my mentors in this process.  This is not one of those “what is your book about” interviews because, I plan on buying her book.  I can’t wait to see her this spring,  bake cinnamon rolls for her, and really catch up.  

What do you like to be called?

K: The best writer on the planet.

Is creating your day job or night fling?

K: Both.

In six or fewer sentences describe your usual routine?

K: Wake up. Go to the bathroom. Get a drink of water and turn on a computer, or turn on a computer and get a drink of water. Sit at the computer. Sit at the computer. Go to bed. 

Where do you like to do your creating? Coffee shop, library, your sofa?

K: No matter how nice my desk or office comes to be, I always end up setting up shop at the kitchen table (near the fridge, tea kettle and nervous eating). I actually had a friend stay in my guest room for a long period of time once, and she wound up in my office every day while I worked in the kitchen. If I am not there, I am on my laptop in bed for a game show or movie I can’t miss.

What was the last thing you read? Was it for fun or work?

K: The last thing I read was L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema. It was for both fun and work. My college mentor and friend Jacqueline Stewart is a co-editor whose been teaching and researching these filmmakers for two decades now, and I learned of them through her classes back in college. So I was dying to read it anyway and go back to that fun time in my life. But I also want to feature her and the book on my blog for Women’s History Month, so that will be work on both our parts to share this incredible stuff. 

Tea or coffee? (or other artsy drink)

K: Tea first thing in the morning and last thing at night, but coffee in the middle of my day to get the job really started. Does Merlot count for an artsy drink?

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that helps you create?

K: I have a nice collection of hoodies I always wind up in nearly every day. 

What is your favorite part of the creative process?

K: Selling it 🙂

Which part do you hate?
K: It is always so sad and angering to think I am close to done with something but then see I am not even close.

 A blog post: Solemn is out on NetGalley today.

Check out Kalisha’s blog.  Her newest book will be out in May and there is a book give away on Goodreads!

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