Trebor Rose, Age 9

Trebor Rose is my oldest son.  His name is Robert backward.  He is 9 and pretty fun.    Over Spring break, he has managed not to leave the house.   He and Taggert are great friends and they play a lot of xBox together.  When Trebor was three he learned to read and then as soon as he could, he taught Taggert to read and write.  Trebor is pretty smart.  (I am not biased at all.)

He has come out with some pretty outrageous stories about his Minecraft characters and  I have encouraged him to write them down.  He has graciously allowed me to post his current story.

Do you have a preferred name or title?
You can just call me Treb.

Is creating your day job or night fling?
Writing is my work

In six or fewer sentences describe your usual routine?
I wake up at 7 AM and eat breakfast.
I take a shower and put clothes on.  Put socks and shoes on and go to school.
I come home and do homework. Play Minecraft. Sleep

Where do you like to do your creating?  Coffee shop, library, your sofa?
On the computer in the family room. It is comfortable.

What was the last thing you read?  Was it for fun or work?
June Jam by Ron Roy. Hated it. It was for school.

Do you prefer to read fiction or nonfiction for fun?
Nonfiction for fun.  I like to read about the universe, the periodic table, and Minecraft handbook.

Do you have a favorite scientist? Who and why?
Dmitri Mendeleev. Dmitri invented the periodic table.

Do you have a favorite element? Which and why?
Yes. It is oxygen. We use O2 (a form of oxygen) to breathe.

What is 24 on the periodic table of elements? (no peeking)

What’s your favorite flavor of Skittle?

What is your favorite game?


The Life of Jim The Sheep

work in progress, By Trebor Rose

One day me, D for Daaaaaaad x, EpicWomanGamer65, and The DiamondSwordsMen were watching a sunset in Minecraft when four zombies crept up behind us and punched us off the cliff.
“AHHH WE ARE GOING TO DIE!” TheDiamondSwordsMen said.
“I’ll save you!” said a baby sheep that splashed water where we were falling.
“You…You saved our lives”, I said. “I’ll call you Jim.”
Dad built a house of cobblestone and put a sign and wrote “Jim’s House”. I checked on Jim the Next day, he wasn’t there. I went to a bridge we built. I found Jim at last but I found a pink adult sheep named Jenny with him as an adult. Jim and Jenny had a wedding. Jenny announced she was pregnant.
One uneventful night, Jenny looked at The Moon which was a cyan baby sheep. “Are you the kid we’ll vow to wake up to and love with all our hearts?” Jenny said.
“No” The Moon said. Jenny looked down sad. Jenny heard a high pitched bleat. Jenny looked behind her and found a cyan baby sheep. The newborn sheep followed Jenny home.
“I’ll call you Delia,” I said to the baby sheep. I continued on. When I told Delia my Minecraft name, she repeated it. Two Minecraft days later, she used the toilet. I even made a photo album showing every moment up until now.
The next morning, Jim woke up bright and early at 7 AM and saw me removing the sign.  I put a new sign that said “2908, Meadow Lane, Blockington, Overworld”. On December 25, 2011, I used a new camera that made everything look like real life. The photo was “Christmas. New camera :D”. On December 27, 2011, Jenny was about to have another child. Jenny looked at The Moon again. This time it was a yellow baby sheep. She asked the same thing she did last time.  The Moon said “No” again. Jenny looked down again. Then Jenny looked behind her and saw a yellow baby sheep. The newborn followed Jenny home.
“Let’s call it ‘Jam’” Dad said. Jenny happily accepted the name. xNotch and jeb_ joined Minecraft.
“Let’s kill some sheep,” said Jeb.
“Hello, Jim the Sheep,” said Notch. “I’m going to kill you”.
“What! Why?!” said Jim.
Notch then punched Jim.
“Stay still. I’m going to kill you. This will be the last thing you’ll ever feel,” said Notch.
“But I have a wife and children,” said Jim.
“I do not care!” said Jeb.
“WAIT! LOOK AT THIS!” said Jim
Notch and Jeb looked at each moment with the reversed Dumb Ways to Die Karaoke playing.
“Awww. That is so sweet,” said Jeb
“I…I made a mistake. I was only thinking about myself. Forgetting that animals have feelings too,” said Notch.
“Please forgive us,” said Jeb
“It’s OK. Come to dinner at my place,” said Jim.
“This food is great. Thanks for having me,” said Notch and Jeb.
“Thank you for not killing Daddy,” said Jam.
Everyone fell down in shock.

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