Chatting with Tagg

I am going to be spending a lot of time with my favorite boys this week!  that means they get to be my featured friends.  Of course, they get the interview questions and they are both preparing some work to share.
Taggert is my youngest son.  He just turned 8.  I had to help him a bit with spelling and  needed to add my thoughts to his answers– because I am the mom.

Do you have a preferred name or title?
T: Tagg, Jedi master

Is creating your day job or night thing?
T: Drawing is what I do after school.

What is your day job?
T: Second grade

Where do you like to do your creating?  Coffee shop, library, your sofa?
T: On the floor.    (M: In the middle of the living room surrounded by all his tools and every toy he owns.)

What was the last thing you read?  Was it for fun or work?
T: Lego star wars: Yoda chronicles trilogy.  Both

Do you prefer to read fiction or nonfiction for fun?
T: Fiction

Tea or coffee? (or other artsy drink)
T: I can have Sprite on special occasions. 

What’s your favorite flavor of Skittle?
T: Lemon (M: No Tagg, I don’t have any skittles.)

Do you have a favorite thing that helps you become creative?
T: Playing  with toys


Everything is attacking Steve!  Alex is riding a ghast to come help her friend.  Hero Brine is lurking in the shadows.  Watch out!
1 spider
2 Steve “He is like, ‘I’m READY!’” (Tagg was Steve for Halloween.)
3 Zombie Pig Man
4 slime. It sounds sticky.
5 Hero Brine
6 Whither Skeleton
7 Alex
8 Ghast
9 Generic Villager
10 Iron Golom “its really much bigger, but I ran out of room.”
11 Zombie Villager
12 Creeper (Treb was a Creeper for Halloween.)
13 Ender man “Mom was the Ender man for Halloween.”
14 Pig
15 Zombie
16 skeleton


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