A Few Minutes with Bryn Donovan

I discovered Bryn Donovan last month while I was trying to find words describe to colors and actions. The first thing I read was “Master List of Color Names and Color Descriptions.”  I was late getting the kids to school because I spent an hour going through her blog. She kept my attention for two reasons: first, she has a pleasant sense of humor and “voice”, and second, forcing two boys to shower and dress on a cold morning isn’t any fun at all. She is not a bitter or jaded author but has a happy outlook. Her book Master Lists for Writers is one of my favorite writing references on my Kindle App.


Do you have a preferred name or title?
B: Just Bryn Donovan

Is creating your day job or night fling?

B: Both, kind of! In my day job, I’m a Master Writer for Hallmark Cards – I write greeting cards, copy for gifts, and the occasional website article or kids’ book, Then I come home and have a second shift as a fiction writer and blogger.

In six or fewer sentences describe your usual routine?
B: More often than not, I use my lunch hour at work to do my own writing. When I come home from work, I have dinner with Mr. Donovan (which never involves actual cooking, because that takes too much time) and some cuddling with my 3 rescue dogs. Then I barricade myself in my little studio and lie on my daybed writing.
I do the first draft by hand in a spiral notebook and then type it into my computer. I usually listen to music with my headphones – it drowns out the TV in the next room, plus I make a playlist for each fiction project. As soon as I start listening to the playlist, it snaps me into the right frame of mind again.

Where do you like to do your creating? Coffee shop, library, your sofa?
B: I honestly write everywhere. I was writing yesterday at H&R Block while I was waiting to meet with the tax lady. I love writing at coffee shops – there’s something about it that makes me feel like a really legit writer. Oh, and I love writing in the cafes at Barnes and Noble. I think just having the books close by is inspiring. Of course, I can never get out of there without buying one…

What was the last thing you read? Was it for fun or work?
B: I’m in the middle of reading Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind, a fantasy. I just finished Be Not Afraid, a Revolutionary War-era romance novella by Alyssa Cole, which I loved.

Do you prefer to read fiction or nonfiction for fun?
B: I read more fiction, but I like both! I love books about history and science, especially neuroscience.

Tea or coffee? (or other artsy drink)
B: Coffee! And lately, diet Mountain Dew, which is shameful!

What’s your favorite flavor of Skittle?
B: Hmm, I’m going to have to say orange.

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that helps you create?
B: These are actually accessories! I only buy really huge purses – totes, I guess – so that I can always fit both a notebook and my laptop in there. That way I always have my writing with me.
And if I’m writing a story in public, I like to wear sunglasses to help disguise the fact that I’m making the same expressions as my characters. I do not have a poker face.

Do you have any compulsive habits? 
B: Now that you mention it… yes, I love making lists! I started sharing lists to help me write on my blog, and that’s how my book Master Lists for Writers got started. I’ve also really gotten into planning my weeks out in my planner. I am one of those weird ladies who decorates the pages with fancy stickers. Actually following through on the plans is the challenge…

Have you ever gotten a crush on one of your characters?
B: Ohh geez, well, yes. I have a paranormal romance trilogy coming out next year, and I am crazy about the hero of book one, Jonathan West. I got such good feedback about him from my beta readers, too… along the lines of, “Ugh, he is so sexy.” Yay!
Thanks, Erika! This was so much fun. Have a great weekend!

“tell your stories ~ love your life…” http://bryndonovan.com/

Here is a blog post from Bryn about how she came up with her Master Lists For Writers book, well besides being a list maker.



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