Friday Posts

Did you know there are some pretty awesome people out in the world?

There are some many people doing awesome things and making things.  I am connecting with creators to get inspired to continue this journey.  Chances are you are a creator.

What’s really awesome is you are here reading this to HELP me. You are giving me 5 minutes of your priceless time.

HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! (I have been in the coffee this morning and it’s sunny.)

I was trying to figure out how to thank all the AWESOME creators that have stopped by my blog and realized that I can help them by sharing their content.  I decided I would do a fun interview and then let them choose something to share with the world (or at least, my meager following).

If you are a creator and would like a short 5-10 question interview and to share a post from your own work, email me at erikafrose at me dot com.  You can also hit me up on Twitter and Instagram (@erikafrose).

I am so excited!!

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