This is so real now!


I spent the morning at Starbucks writing.  I am mostly happy about the time spent.  the only thing I am concerned about is my upset tummy (I KNOW better than to have an espresso latte, but that -$3 coupon was too tempting!)

There is only one package I was waiting for.



Here I am being a BIG dork.  Check out the video of it!












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8 thoughts on “This is so real now!


            Yeah, I am almost done with mine gosh. Right now, deep into Hopetide, I am still reading for the heroine Ari and her fascinating world, but I am now ready to know what ultimately she is aiming for. I can not picture any versions of an ending, trophy or final destination I should be considering at this point. I am thinking it should be if she makes it back to Ta’Gosh, however it does not seem perilous that she won’t. So maybe some earlier hints? Don’t tell me yet. I’m going on 🙂


            Yes, I got further. Braids are finally out…now I have to tangle through to wash, condition and hot oil treat. I’m going to finish the novel tonight while I am putting the big fro into some manageable twists. So, looking forward!