Revision might not  actually count as writing, but it is part of the process.  It requires creativity.  It’s painful. 


Last night I sat playing on Facebook, Twitter, and stupid farm game instead of working on my revision. I had a touch of stomach and my family was avoiding me.  I had time to work, But My faucet was off.


After I got this text, I decided to play around with my characters. Jadira is right.  I needed to make some progress.  I opened up chapter 10 and opened up what’sapp and started writing. I in turn traumatized my alpha reader and ended up starting another scene.  Looking back over chapter 10 I suddenly was able to work again.  

There is something about the out pouring of the images in my head.  Moving the words out through my fingers and onto the screen has become a creative trigger for me.  Maybe the movies in my head distract me from the job at hand?  

I considered that my story was just boring.  I cannot judge since I have read it over 12 times now.  My group of alpha readers are enjoying it.  They are getting on me about sending my updates out faster.  

I am debating starting to rework the second book.  It is a pile of steaming poop, with a train wreck on top.  It is so far gone that I need to completely re work it and possibly steal some content for the first book.

How do you keep your faucet running when you are revising?  

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