Inspiration: Polyvore

Do you think about your story all the time?  Even when you are doing the mundane tasks of caring for your family?  Washing dishes, doing laundry?

I think about mine all the time.  Over a long 5 day weekend filled with a cranky sick family I daydreamed of what my main character looked like, and what her life was like. Mostly because my life was filled unpleasantness and I needed to keep my cool.

If you follow me you have seen my polyvore posts and might be wondering what that is about.   I recently answered a LONG list of questions about my two main characters.  (Will link the list as soon as I figure out where I got it from)  some of the questions had to do with the characters clothing and enviroment.  I put together some sets that help me visuallize my charaters a bit more.

How does your characters bedroom look?  What items does he or she keep on display? What are some beloved pieces of furniture?  What colors do they favor?  Is this a sancuary where they spend time?

This is how I imagine Ari would decorate her room.  She has grey skin and it is her favorite color.  Ta’gosh crafted her bed by hand and picked out the pillows, sheets, and blankets for her bed.   The desk has been in his family for many generations.  Ari has been living out of a suitcase for 20 years she doesnt have many keepsakes, but she has a vase of feathers and a jar of sea glass.  Ari has a strange bond with her favorite andimal-the wolf and Ta’gosh made her a scupture and painted a pillow for her.  Ari spends alot of time in here.  It is the first time she has allowed herself to become attatched to a space even though her friends keep rooms for her in their homes.

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