Writing with kids: bedtime routine

It’s the time of day most parents love. The house is quieter.  We can watch the TV shows with the bad words.  We aren’t on baby death watch. (Baby death watch is for those of us with babies that can foil every attempt of baby proofing and can pick locks.  These are the children you take to the bathroom with you until they are 5.)  Some parents clean when their kids go to bed.  Up until this past summer, I played wow every night from 9pm until 11pm.  Then I spent 1 hour trying to calm down enough to sleep.  Now,  I download my days’ writing and edit and revise.

Tonight I got through chapter 9.  I had reread a section that needs a major style rewrite.  (I made some huge plot changes in this chapter.) So now it’s my bed time and I pulled up a little reading on my phone.

I was ready to roll over to work out this style issue and I hear gagging.  Then footsteps.  Then–

Well,  BoyOne is not going to school tomorrow.  My guilt has taken over.  Some how his vomit is my fault.  I cannot settle to sleep at 1 am.

This routine feeds into my morning routine.  Normally in that pre-wake haze I come up with how to fix a section and can type out a quick  note.  Then the cycle begins again.


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